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In addition to our main office in Islamabad, we are expanding our wings countrywide to fulfill the needs of our customers.

CH Technologies’ business focus is the management of Security Surveillance, Information Technology, Network and Telecommunication Projects within the trading, manufacturing, construction, science and technology, energy, utilities, heavy and light industries, corporate sector as well as Government and commercial sectors.

The primary business objectives of CH Technologies are

  • To cost-effectively manage Security Surveillance, Information Technology, Networking and Telecommunication projects for our clients
  • To enhance the reputation of CH Technologies as a latest technology solution provider to corporate, private as well as the government sectors.
  • To provide Total System Solutions where appropriate that is to, provide full turnkey contract solutions as a prime contractor
  • To develop new areas of specialization that involves information systems and technology-based solutions.

Our Mission, Management Principles and Values

The mission of CH Technologies is to be a global leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services.

Our mission demands that we make an absolute commitment to excellence in our performance. We will achieve our mission by observing these principles:

  • We commit to client satisfaction as our most important business objective.
  • We recognize that CH Technologies accomplishments are the work of the people who comprise CH Technologies. We will encourage initiative, recognize individual contribution, treat each person with respect and fairness, and afford ample opportunity for professional growth.
  • We require the highest standards of professionalism and technical competence from our people.
  • We will maintain the highest standards of ethics and business conduct and operate at all times within the laws of all provinces of Pakistan in which we do business.
  • We will proactively pursue new business opportunities, and commit to success in each undertaking.
  • Our success as a company requires that we achieve financial performance consistent with these principles and commensurate with a leadership position in our industry.


  • We believe in commitment of excellence because the probability that we may fail in struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.
  • We believe in the power of collaboration because we know that working together yields inspiring results.
  • We respect diverse perspectives because varied viewpoints foster innovation and growth.
  • We encourage unconventional thinking because we know our creativity and ingenuity can help us translate ambitions into reality.
  • We stand on our integrity because we acknowledge that trust and respect enable us to go beyond expectations.
  • We embrace responsibility because we have a profound sense of commitment to our clients, colleagues and the world around us.
  • We commit to client partnerships because we are passionate about building strong connections that fuel our shared success.
  • We take pride in our people because CH Technologies employees are the core of our success.


We are close-knit organized team that consists of drive, dynamic and talented achievers. Among us are professionals in sales and marketing, specialist in object-oriented electronics engineering, and analysts with strong networking skills. We always press on developing innovating solutions and learning new technologies. We can implement the most advanced computer technologies. The result is very important for us. We prefer challenging tasks that give us opportunity to work on the edge of our capabilities. We cope with customers ‘order in the earliest possible date. We work to make our customers feel comfortable and happy carrying out their business tasks. The professional team of CH Technologies comprise of the below mentioned professional individuals in addition to technicians and other administrative staff

Name: Muhammad Asghar

Date of Birth: 1st Jan 1950.

Designation: Managing Director

Educational Qualification: Masters in Accounts

Responsibilities: To supervise company’s financial matters.

Name: Owais Asghar

Date of Birth: December 30, 1980

Designation: Director Technical

Educational Qualification: Masters degree in Communication and Information Technology

Responsibilities: To provide technical expertise in communications, information technology, security surveillance and networking areas.

Additional Skills: Certified Cisco Network Administrator, CCVP.

Name: Muhammad Parvez Khan

Date of Birth: 1st January, 1947

Designation: Project Director (Power)

Educational Qualification: B.Sc. Eng. (Electrical),

Responsibilities: To manage and supervise Power Projects.

Name: Qurat ul Ain

Date of Birth:

Designation: Manager Electronics Department

Educational Qualification: M.Phil Electrical Engineering.

Responsibilities: To Assist Project Director (Power)

Name: Syed Naveed-ul-Hassan

Date of Birth: August 21, 1974

Designation: Manager IT and Networks (Technology)

Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences.

Responsibilities: To manage and supervise projects.

Name: Ahsan Haider

Date of Birth:

Designation: Manager Telecom

Educational Qualification: B.Sc. Eng. (Telecom),

Responsibilities: To manage and supervise TELCO Projects.

Additional Skills: Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) & CCVP

we value the diversity of our employees and the unique perspectives they bring to CH Technologies. Diversity at CH Technologies is not only includes age, race, sex, sexual orientation/gender identity, genetic information, disabilities, and ethnicity, but also jobs and functional roles within the company, the markets and clients we serve, our geographic locations, educational background and whether one joined CH Technologies independently or through an acquisition or outsourcing arrangement. By valuing these differences, we demonstrate our commitment to treating everyone with fairness and respect.


Our carefully selected Principals depend on us to take their high quality products and services to the Pakistan market, something that we are respected for doing well. Our openly nurtured ideals of “trust and respect” – the cornerstones of business partnerships – ensure that our Principals afford CH Technologies and its customers, the highest levels of support possible.

Today we have the best manpower trained to extend our services to companies and individuals. We strive to keep our high quality at reasonable prices and our main objective is to satisfy the customers through extraordinary quality and service.

Over the years CH Technologies developed a unique and refined management style. This is achieved through its experienced staff, using the latest technologies, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of its clients.

Cisco: Switches, Routers, IP Telephony, Gateways, IP Security Surveillance

Rittal: Racks, Power, Cooling, Security and remote management for data center.

Dynalite: Home Automation.

Leviton: Physical Media Layer for data center, Lighting & Energy saving solution.

3M: Structured Cabling Solution and WAN Infrastructure.

AXIS: IP Based surveillance System.

Honeywell: Access Control, CCTV.

Siemens: Building Management System.

SATT: Traffic & Parking Management Solution.

Milestone: IP network-based video surveillance Software.

Planar: Video Wall and Signage Solution.

IC Realtime: CCTV and IP Network Cameras

VivaKorea: Security Surveillance Equipment

Cantonk: CCTV Equipment

Airlive: Wireless Equipment

D-Link: Network Equipment, IP Cameras, Switches and Routers

Suprema Korea: Access Control and Time Attendance Management System.


CH Technologies provides solutions for monitoring critical areas varying from: VIP security area, a construction site, home, office, public areas or any other place using either an IP based system or analogue cameras depending on the application and client requirements. Recording capabilities from these cameras could be from number of days or even number of month to be stored locally or on a central location using Ethernet or Service Provider lines on Digital Versatile Recorders with additional features like motion detection, high compression of video signals, using the latest video compression technologies in various video formats. With the use of high sensitivity, low lux, high resolution and IR cameras, the quality of the recorded video could be enhanced. Solutions for monitoring the cameras using Internet Explorer and integrating the Cameras with various other systems like BMS, People Counting, Access Control can be also provided independently.

CCTV, Closed Circuit Television, is rapidly becoming a key component in modern security systems. CH Technologies offers fully integrated and flexible CCTV surveillance monitoring from one central control point to ensure safe and controlled environment to our client to prevent unauthorized access to their premises.

In line with our corporate value ”helping to maximize your performance”, the system based on a one centralized monitoring location will provide a cost effective productivity without compromising on the high standard of safety required to optimize your OPEX to CAPEX. The system enables security to monitor every zone in the building. CH Technologies offers cameras that can be placed virtually anywhere out of the public eyes so that the people are not aware of its existence. CH Technologies had the capability and experience to research, design and develop CCTV systems specific to your needs. Using CH Technologies surveillance system allows live or recorded digital video to be accessed from anywhere across the Local Area Network (LAN), or the Internet. Used within a broad range of industries, CH Technologies IP-Surveillance solutions are scalable and flexible, and provide the most reliable and cost-efficient ways of accessing live and recorded digital video.


CH Technologies lies in Systems Integration, Contract Management and Procurement Services in the fields of Information Technologies, Networking and Communication Solutions. CH Technologies’ management capabilities range from managing turnkey deployment projects, procurement, and logistics, to implementation of technical assistance project requiring professional training of the end-users and related personnel. CH Technologies supplies complete range of IT equipment including Servers, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Monitors and other major IT peripherals mainly to educational institutions, corporate sector, private sector as well as government sector.


CH Technologies expert team has all the credentials to conduct an assessment for any existing infrastructure and provide the adequate report stating the enhancements that needs to be done in line with your business needs taking into consideration your future intended growth.

As network speeds increase customers are demanding extra flexibility from their passive network, which must be future proof and easy to install and maintain. GCG offers full data cabling systems in both copper and optical fiber, giving freedom of choice in the design and optimization of the overall network architecture.

As network speeds are increasing and more demands are put on the data centre, CH Technologies uses a variety of easy to install, innovative connectivity solutions to ensure a high performance, reliable data cabling system that is simple to maintain. The data cabling range includes all the products required for passive cabling from low data rates to 10Gbit/s performance, including patch cords, connectors, cable and associated hardware. The data cabling solutions are supported by a 20 year system warranty.

Access and WAN network solution

In addition, the installation and extension of public telecommunications networks require innovative solutions to allow them to operate as cost-effective, secure and future-oriented. Due to the long-term partnerships with 3M telecommunications division, CH Technologies understands the requirements of local service providers as well as national or international telecommunications operators. This is why we have partnered with 3M Telecommunications since they have played a leading role in consultancy services, development, production and sales of components and systems, for decades within all major telecommunications markets around the world.

3M Telecommunications have repeatedly set new standards with solutions for every aspect of Access and Next Generation Access networks, from the invention of IDC technology to complete hand-held diagnostic equipment supply.


CH Technologies is an independent supplier of telecommunication equipment, specializing in first quality Nortel Networks, Avaya, Cisco, and Siemens/ROLM telephones, circuit boards, systems and peripherals of various brands.


CH Technologies, a leading supplier and installer of wireless equipment. We provide indoor and outdoor Access Points, Routers, Bridges, Media Converters, Security Gateways, ADSL, LAN Switches, 3G, Network cards, WiFi and WiMax, Backhauls, Hotspots and related wireless equipment.


Access control security systems monitor and control access to a given area; be it a room, a building or multiple buildings in distant areas. Access control security systems ensure that only approved personnel can gain access to restricted areas and only during certain time scales specified. In the most basic form, swipe cards are used to electronically permit access to restricted areas. When proximity cards are held against a proximity reader, the code is read and checked by the controller against a list of codes that have access in a split of a second. Touch less Biometric access control is the most sophisticated and secure form of access control. Biometrics Access Control system authenticate users by means of physical characteristics like fingerprints, face, palm, voice and retina patterns and removes the hassles of keys and troublesome passwords. They provide the highest level of identification security as the physical parameters are unique to each individual.

There are three different access control systems available

In the card-based system, the options are:

• Magnetic Stripe Card

• Proximity Card

In the new realm of Biometrics, CH Technologies offers:

• The Finger print Access Control System

The Finger print Access Control system takes the unique human fingerprint as a unique key, to provide irrefutable personal identification. It is a self-contained terminal that enrolls and verifies users, stores their fingerprint record, keeps transaction logs and interfaces with other units. The time and attendance and access control markets continue to experience significant growth in the use of biometric devices. Used in conjunction with labor management software, biometric devices can make a considerable contribution to the reduction of labor costs in an organization. A company's line management can eliminate card fraud and also monitor its staff's attendance in real-time. Supervisors can run a report at any time to determine which employees arrived late or are absent and follow up accordingly. The system is easy to use. Employees punch in their number and present their hand. The number retrieves the stored template and their identity is automatically verified. The reader shows an indicator light and emits a beep to indicate an 'accept' or 'decline' signal. Beyond being a time and attendance clock, the biometric reader also has data management keys that allow for labor cost transfers when employees punch. Thus employees' labor cost can be allocated to a new cost centre as they clock on duty.

Automated Gate Barriers Systems

Our gate barrier solution is varied and includes various types:

• Swinging gates for surface mounted and underground applications.

• Sliding gates for industrial and residential applications.

• Road barriers varying from 2 to 7 meters.

• RFID gate management system.

Car Park Management System

How Many times did we all wish to be guided efficiently into the right parking spot? Intelligent Parking, a parking guidance system developed by Intelligent Devices, helps drivers make smart decisions. These decisions reduce congestion and make the most of available spaces by increasing the profitability of parking facilities. The main features and benefits for any

Intelligent car parking management systems are to:

  • Communicates Clearly - Less congestion due to fewer vehicles driving around looking for parking.
  • Reduces Confusion - Reduction in time and fuel spent by road user searching for parking.
  • Reduces Crowding - Fewer lines as motorists go to parking areas with the most available spaces
  • Lowers Emission - Better flow of traffic reduces the carbon footprint of motorists


The requirements placed on advanced building automation and control systems are demanding: reliability is a standard feature now. Energy efficiency and cost optimization in buildings are mandatory. CH Technologies has chosen DESIGO™, the building automation and control system from Siemens to reply to our client evolving requirements. DESIGO™ satisfies these requirements in superior style. DESIGO creates comfortable working conditions in a building while giving consideration to economical and ecological criteria. The system performs its control and monitoring tasks automatically and elegantly in the background. DESIGO is not confined to heating, ventilation and air conditioning but is also a comprehensive and integrated system for building management covering all kinds of building services such as lighting, blind control, safety and security, access control and energy distribution.

DESIGO benefits

• Integration of third-party systems thanks to maximum system openness

• Easy to understand and intuitive, ensuring user-friendly operation

• High level of compatibility for stepwise migration and protection of customer’s investment

• Scalable for projects of any size.

Energy Management and Lighting Control

As the cost of energy continues to rise, businesses are looking for smarter energy management strategies. CH Technologies offers the benefits of energy management and lighting control systems from one single manufacturer, Leviton, based on one single sustainable and flexible technology platform. With one investment, you can lower your operating costs while saving energy and showing your commitment to the environment.

With the most comprehensive line of energy management products to help you save energy, meet code compliance, and even garner rebates, Leviton brings it all together to help you build a complete integrated energy management lighting control system. Only Leviton takes you from start to finish with service, support, and free design tools every step of the way. This means more options for delivering the ideal control solution for each application. Easy system design, easy product selection, easy installation, and the best customer experience -

Leviton makes it easy to be green.

Leviton offers a wide variety of lighting controls that combine sophisticated design with state-of-the-art technology. These include dimmers, dimming racks, relays, scene controllers, timers, motion sensors, occupancy sensors, day lighting and architectural controls. Our lighting controls provide precise, dependable control and complement any residential or commercial application, while offering the potential for significant energy savings. Try the new Electronic Lighting and Fan Control Selector, a great tool to view all Leviton Lighting Controls for Residential and Small Commercial Applications.

For most companies, the last time they reaped significant financial benefit from a change in their lighting systems was with an upgrade to more efficient lamps and electronic ballasts. But a lot has changed since then. Now, in virtually every business, there is an opportunity to significantly reduce existing lighting costs further by adopting newly developed energy management control systems.

CH Technologies offers three types of solution that will optimize the energy savings and pushes any corporate to become greener and opt for a LEED certification. When lighting, security, HVAC and other building management systems are integrated into a single control system,

Optimal energy efficiency is one of a host of benefits. Integrated systems provide superior interoperability as well as an essential function for companies participating in load shedding programs and can garner points towards LEED certification. Those solutions are:

  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Z-max Relay Control Panels
  • Day Light Harvesting

Power Transformers.

We are also involved in supply, testing, commissioning and assembly of Electrical Power Transformers.

  • Supply, Installation, assembly & commissioning
  • Testing, repair and overhaul
  • Tap Changer inspection and service
  • Oil handling, reclamation and streamlining services
  • Project management and site supervision services
  • Protection installation and testing
  • Pre commissioning and function testing


CH Technologies provides a wide spectrum of supply, installation and after sale services in the field of Security Surveillance, Information Technology, Networking, Telecommunication and Wireless communication. Our primary expertise is focused in Security Surveillance and Information Technology with particular emphasis in the area of Telecommunication. We have completed several security surveillance, Networking and IT related projects for over 20 clients countrywide. A representative listing of these clients is provided below;

Government Sector

  • Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta.
  • Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) Islamabad
  • Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Islamabad
  • National Agricultural Research Council (NARC) Islamabad
  • Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad
  • Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP)
  • Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Center (PASTIC) Islamabad
  • National Physical & Standards Laboratory.
  • State Bank of Pakistan.

Educational Institutions

  • National University of Science & Technology (NUST) Islamabad
  • National University of Computers and Emerging Sciences (NUCES) FAST Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi Campus
  • Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) Quid e Azam University Islamabad.
  • National University of Modern Languages.
  • National Institute of Banking and Finance.


  • PAEC - Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
  • PAEC- Power Plants Workshops – (PPW) Jaurabad, Khushab
  • Instrumentation Control and Computer Complex (ICCC) Division of Atomic Energy Commission, Islamabad

Private Sector

  • Al Ghurair Giga Islamabad
  • EMMAR Islamabad
  • Impact Design International Islamabad
  • Bridge Stone Islamabad

Recently Completed Projects

  • PAEC – Power Plants Workshops – Jaurabad, Pakistan
  • Project Title: Supply of CCTV System
  • Ref. Number: PPW/(I) Proc. OTL.-5194(04)/12
  • Completion Date: November 30, 2013
  • Project Cost: 8 Million Pak Rupees
  • Nature of Project: Supply of CISCO switches, Fixed ,Dome & PTZ Cameras, and Storage Servers.
  • ICCC - Instrumentation Control and Computer Complex – Supply of Cisco Switches and work stations to be used for Network Security Surveillance project at various locations countrywide.
  • Project Cost: 20 Million Pak Rupees
  • Reference No. ICCC/CCTV-S-002/01/12
  • Supply Period: 4-8 Weeks (By end of March, 2013)
  • Contact Person: Mr. Shoukat (Principal Scientist)
  • No Installation – Supply of Cisco 8 and 24 ports Gigabit Ethernet Switches, Media Converters, Dell Workstations and LCD TVs.
  • EME 501Workshops Rawalpindi – Supply and installation of Attendance Management system
  • Project Cost. 3 million Pak Rupees

Projects in Progress

  • PPW - Supply of 13000KVA Transformers
  • Project Cost: 60 Million
  • ICCC - Supply of IP Paging System on 5 stations countrywide
  • Project Cost: 5.0 Million
  • ICCC – Supply of IP telephone Exchange
  • Project Cost: 1.2 million Pak rupees

Details of projects in progress and projects completed can be provided subject to privacy rights for the past 2 years.

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